10 Best Plastic Free Deodorants for Zero Waste Freshness

Find the best plastic free deodorant for your needs so you can stay fresh and protect the planet at the same time. This product roundup includes zero waste deodorant sticks, deodorant bars and deodorant creams that are all packaged without plastic.

ou know what stinks? Plastic. 

Oh, and so do your pits if you don’t have a good deodorant!

But is it possible to find a non-toxic deodorant that works, that is also plastic-free? The answer is YES!

I’ve done the homework to round up the best-of-the best in plastic free deodorants made with natural ingredients, including deodorant sticks, deodorant bars and deodorant creams. So you can browse through and choose whichever type of zero waste deodorant works best for you!

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Why Switch to Plastic Free Deodorant?

For as long as we can remember, deodorant sticks have been packaged in plastic. Plastic is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to manufacture so why not? 

The thing is, plastic packaging is one of the biggest generators of plastic waste and the deodorant industry produces over 15 million pounds of plastic waste each year. 

Worse yet, most deodorant containers are not recycled because they are made with multiple types of plastic and have complex parts like the wheel for rolling up the deodorant and the plastic stick that it sits on.

Fortunately, many deodorant brands have been embracing the plastic-free movement and creating deodorants with plastic free packaging that utilizes simple, sustainable materials like cardboard tubes and glass jars.

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Best Plastic Free Deodorant Brands

In the past few years I’ve worked to transition over to deodorant with eco-friendly packaging so I’m not helping to perpetuate the plastic problem. 

In order to do that, I’ve personally tried a lot of zero waste deodorant brands. Since I know that deodorant is personal, I’ve listed the best natural deodorants (that are also plastic-free) that I’ve tried – and a few that I haven’t but that have come highly recommended.

Some of these brands use beeswax in their formulas, but others are completely vegan. None of them use animal testing. For more info about the natural and organic ingredients to look for in deodorants, jump to the FAQs below. 

(Note: prices listed were current at time of publishing. We will do our best to keep them updated.)

Let’s take a look…  

Plastic Free Deodorant Sticks & Deodorant Bars

A plastic-free deodorant stick looks pretty similar to a conventional stick deodorant, except that it is packaged in a biodegradable cardboard tube that has been printed with biodegradable ink.

The biodegradable packaging can be composted either in a home compost (rip packaging into small pieces) or in an industrial compost setting. I put mine in my city organics collection bin!

Deodorant bars come without any outer package (except a cardboard box and paper for shipping.)

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