4 Best Eco Organic K-Cup Coffee Brands for Tasteful Sipping — The Honest Consumer

4 Best Eco Organic K-Cup Coffee Brands for Tasteful Sipping — The Honest Consumer

Why Opt for Organic Coffee?

Since the kind of coffee you drink matters, choosing organic can be a good choice for you and the environment. It’s high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and since it’s grown without the use of toxic chemicals, the end product can be of much better quality. 

Eco-conscious K Cups

When shopping for single serve k-cups look try to prioritize brands that use compostable capsules as this is one of the more sustainable options! Or consider purchasing your own reusable pod and filling it up with ground coffee.

4 Best Organic & Eco-Friendly Single-Serve K-Cup Brands 

If you must have a quick cup before you rush to start your day, keep an eye out for eco-friendly, organic k-cups.

These different brands feature sustainable k-cup pods, use high-quality beans with the organic certification, and have delicious taste making these better options the traditional Keurig k-cups. Avid coffee drinkers are sure to love these organic products!

EkoCups Fair Trade Organic Coffee in Recyclable K-Cups

With fair trade and organic coffee that comes in recyclable capsules, EkoCups are an alternative for coffee lovers looking for more eco-friendly single-serve options. They have a range of different flavors catering to different taste buds.

The capsules are also compatible with a Keurig coffee maker. I personally love their Bold roast which features a medium-dark roast with bold flavor.

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