50+ Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Brands for Mindful Style — The Honest Consumer

50+ Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Brands for Mindful Style — The Honest Consumer

In order to account for the fair labor costs the price point of ethically made apparel can be a bit more expensive, but as I always say, it’s important to buy what you believe in. I believe everyone deserves a living wage.

It’s also important to consider the materials being used to make the clothes. Most of these brands use sustainable & eco-conscious materials such as organic cotton, recycled fabrics, TENCEL modal, & more.

These fabrics are typically more expensive to produce than the cheap mass produced fabrics we see in fast fashion.

For example when we think about organic cotton versus conventional cotton, consumers learn that organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides. Since organic cotton uses less chemicals, this crop requires more up-keep.

On top of the high quality of materials being used, ethical brands pay their farmers and employees a living wage which has to be factored into the price of the garment. I encourage you to think of purchasing sustainable fashion as an investment as these high quality items are crafted to last.

But don’t let the price point stop you from exploring eco-friendly fashion. I’ve included a price guide, so you can find brands that fit within your budget.

There are also plenty of fair fashion brands that accept Afterpay which is an option. AND secondhand shopping is a great way budget friendly way to buy clothes.

Hopefully this guide helped you find some ethical & sustainable clothing brands to add to your closet the next time you’re shopping for new clothes! These sustainable fashion brands are sure to keep your style unique.

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