6 Affordable Sustainable Swimsuit Brands with Options Under $100 — The Honest Consumer

Water & Energy Intensive Process

Turning fossil fuels into plastic and then into fibers is a water and energy intensive process that depletes non-renewable resources and contributes to global carbon emissions that exacerbate human-induced climate change; while textile dyeing contributes to water pollution because the leftover water from the dyeing process is dumped into waterways.

And swimwear has an impact while you are using it too since your one-pieces and bikinis release Microplastics when washed and even while you’re swimming in the ocean or your pool.

Low Quality Materials & Plastic

The tricky thing with swimwear is that it’s difficult ditching the synthetic materials. You’d be hard put to find a swimsuit made without it; even if you do, it may not be able to endure regular use or the harsh impacts of sun, salt, water, and chlorine.

While synthetics are certainly popular because they’re cheap, they’re also versatile, water-wicking, and stretchy, important features for swimwear. On top of which, polyester is chlorine-resistant.

So while you can try to avoid swimwear made with synthetic materials, you can’t count on it lasting long – especially not if you’re a regular or competitive swimmer – and you’ll have to chuck it soon, which is just as bad.

What Materials Should You Look for in Sustainable Swimsuits? 

What you can do to assuage the negative environmental impact is look for swimwear made from recycled synthetics like discarded fishing nets and plastic water bottles. This keeps plastic waste out of waterways, landfills, and incinerators, and negates the demand for virgin resources. 

The industry has responded to this by creating recycled synthetic fabrics such as ECONYL®. Made from regenerated nylon fiber out of recycled plastics like discarded fishing nets, industrial plastic waste, and recycled PET bottles, ECONYL® is long-lasting, pill-resistant, and reduce a swimsuit’s carbon footprint by up to 80%.

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