6 Non-toxic & Natural Hair Dye Brands

6 Non-toxic & Natural Hair Dye Brands

6 Best Non-Toxic Hair Dye Brands for 2024

Here are six companies that I believe have the best natural hair colors.

When it comes to creating the most organic formulas these companies are doing it right by creating clean hair dyes and avoiding harsh ingredients.

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khadi’s Natural Hair Dyes

Khadi is a hair care and beauty brand focusing on Ayurveda formulas that bring health, well being, and beauty into balance. All khadi Natural Hair Colors are natural and vegan.

They don’t contain any chemical additives or synthetic ingredients like silicone, ammonia and peroxide.

They are developed according to European cosmetics standards and produced according to traditional Ayurvedic methods.

Khadi focuses on using natural ingredients from Indian co-ops.

Their herbal hair colors are made only with plants and herbs.

During production, Khadi extracts pigments from the plants in a complex, multi-step process. These natural pigmets dye hair effectively and gently. These natural dyes are great for people with sensitive scalps or skin.

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