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These clothes are commonly made in sweatshops which are known for not paying workers a livable wage, not providing safe work environments, polluting air and water, and overworking employees to meet fashion industry demands.

By purchasing ethical fashion you’re voting for fair treatment of garment workers around the world, transparency, and eco-conscious practices.

As a consumer I think you’ll be incredibly pleased with the high quality of the clothing your purchase from ethical and sustainable brands in comparison to fast fashion garments.

7 Sustainable Alternatives to Popular Fast Fashion Brands

Based on the styles and price points of some popular fast fashion brands I’ve come up with some more eco-friendly and ethical options! You’re sure to love these sustainable brand swaps!

The Ethical Alternative to Mod Cloth is Mata Traders

Love the retro vintage inspired style of Mod Cloth? Then you are sure to adore Mata Traders.

Mata Traders is working to make fair trade fashion readily available to consumers through vintage inspired designs and affordable prices.

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