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However, the ethics behind those low prices are questionable. For example the popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has been known to have child labor and prison labor within their supply chain.

Ethical and sustainable lingerie is out there you just have to do a little research.

I’ve compiled this list of resources to make sweatshop free lingerie shopping a bit easier.

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What materials should I look for in eco-friendly lingerie?

There is a wide range of eco-conscious materials you can look for when searching for eco-friendly lingerie.

Try focusing on organic and recycled materials as these are better for the environment. TENCEL can also be a great option if you’re looking for that silky feel made sustainable.

What’s sexier than caring about the planet? The brands in this guide use a variety of conscious materials.

7 Sexy Sustainable Lingerie Brands

If you’re looking to find some sexy lingerie that is ethically made with the planet and other people in mind these brands are a great starting place!

ColieCo’s Eco-friendly Lingerie

ColieCo produces ethically made, sustainable lingerie, underwear and swimwear in an in-house studio in Sagres, Portugal.

This lingerie brand carefully-selects natural, recycled and reclaimed fabrics; manufactures to order and uses intelligent garment design and cutting processes to minimize textile waste.

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