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Who doesn’t dream of having long and luscious hair? Long hair means you can choose from thousands of different hairstyles without any limitations. Having strong and long locks means enjoying a good hair day every day. This journey of Rapunzel-like hair is often long and takes a ton of effort. Many people chop off their hair once it has passed their shoulders because it can become tough to manage.

If you want long hair then you have to be prepared to take care of it. First, you have to increase your effort in making your hair grow faster, and then you have to try remedies to keep it strong. While the idea of growing waist length hair seems daunting the results are worth the effort!. No matter how edgy a short haircut looks, there is an irresistible old-school charm to long hair.

What is a Healthy Haircare Routine?

A healthy haircare routine is the key to growing strong hair quickly. Using hair products that have tons of toxic chemicals and other irritants would be harmful to your hair in the long term. To counter this problem, it’s best to use products that are made from a clean and natural brand like 100% PURE. Read below to learn how you can achieve your ideal hair length by using our multi-vitamin hair care products. Our multi-vitamin hair care products are made from Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C & E, Biotin, and Provitamin B5.

  1. First shampoo your hair with our Multi-Vitamin Healthy Hair Shampoo. It is great for revitalizing dull and dry hair. Instead of cutting your hair try reviving it with our nourishing multi-vitamin shampoo.
  2. After that apply a generous amount of Multi-Vitamin Healthy Hair Conditioner. Hair that is dry and coarse will soak in the moisture very quickly. Also, keep in mind never apply conditioner to your roots. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly after about 3 to 4 minutes.
  3. Then apply the Multi-Vitamin Healthy Hair Leave-In Conditioner. It will lock the moisture and nutrients in the hair. As a result, the ends of your hair will be extremely soft and easy to untangle.
  4. When your hair is 3/4 dry then try combing it gently. Before combing through, apply the Multi-Vitamin Healthy Hair De-Frizz Serum to get rid of the unnecessary frizz which becomes annoyingly stubborn in humid weather. This will help in taming the flyways which can ruin a sleek hairstyle.

To speed up your hair growth, try using our Rosemary Grow Serum at least three times a week. After doing all of the above-mentioned steps, you can take a small amount of this serum and apply it to your scalp. Specifically, target those areas where the hair growth is lighter. Rosemary has been medically proven to be great for stimulating hair growth.


7 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

1. Stop Using Heat

Nothing damages your hair as badly as heating tools. The constant styling, which is done by straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons, can suck the life out of your hair. Often, after doing so much damage you have no other option than to cut your hair as the ends get so fried. The first rule for growing your hair out is completely stopping the use of heating tools. If you must, you can use it on rare occasions. However, once you see the results of not using heat on your hair, you won’t go back to it again!

2. Pick Your Hair Brush Carefully

Every hair type needs a specific hair brush that can untangle their knots. People don’t research what brush is best-suited for their hair type and buy the wrong kind. For example, if a comb is used on curly hair the result would be a lot of hair pulling which will make the roots weak. For wavy hair, a tangle teaser works best, and for curly hair a big wide-gaped hair brush. You will have to put less effort while combing your hair with the right brush in your hand.

3. Eat Healthy Food

No matter what kind of physical improvement you are aiming for, a healthy diet will always be a prerequisite for it. Like other parts of your body, the hair also needs nutrition to grow healthily. The hair will only be able to achieve that if you eat healthy food. Try consuming food that is loaded with vitamins and fatty acids like fish, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, etc. Add more natural food instead of processed food to your diet. Eating natural food is always better than popping a ton of multivitamin pills that come with a set of side effects. We highly advise consulting with a doctor first before using any kind of medicine.

4. Hot Oil Treatments

To stimulate hair growth, you can try massaging warm oil onto your scalp. For that, you can choose any oil of your choice. We recommend rosemary oil. For ages, rosemary has been used for multiple skincare and haircare woes. Most people avoid oiling their hair due to its unpleasant odor but rosemary isn’t like that. In addition to all this, rosemary has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This means your scalp will be squeaky clean after regularly using rosemary oil.

5. Use a Silk Pillowcase

One essential step in growing hair out is keeping it from breaking and falling. Cotton pillowcases can be harsh on hair, especially wavy and curly ones. They can tangle the hair which can be difficult to smooth over. To stop this from happening, try using silk pillowcases which will be soft for your hair. Another great thing about this is the silk pillowcases are also great for your skin. The soft fabric is great for both the health of your hair and skin.

6. Use Homemade Hair Masks

In our humble opinions, hair masks are a bit underrated! While we definitely believe in the power of quality hair care with our essentials, like shampoo and conditioner, we find that the hair and skin is often lacking in moisture and hydration; a vegan hair mask is one of the best ways to supplement moisture in our hair for great shine, a happy scalp, and healthy locks. Check out this blog post for some vegan hair masks that you can DIY!

7. Stop Drinking & Smoking

Where you have to adopt a lot of good habits, there are also a few bad ones that you will have to leave. Alcohol is the main culprit in taking the moisture out of your body which results in dry skin and brittle hair. Smoking is also no different as it slowly weakens the roots in your scalp which eventually results in extreme hair fall. Remove these things from your daily lifestyle and it will detoxify your scalp. You will see freshness in your face and shine in your hair in just a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Growth

What are the best natural ingredients for hair growth?

Key natural ingredients that promote hair growth include Biotin, Keratin, and Vitamin E. Biotin strengthens hair follicles, Keratin improves hair structure, and Vitamin E nourishes the scalp. Other beneficial ingredients include Castor Oil, known for its omega-6 fatty acids, and Aloe Vera, which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp.

How often should I trim my hair to promote growth?

Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks is recommended. Regular trims prevent split ends from working their way up the strands, which can result in less breakage and healthier hair, indirectly promoting faster growth.

Can diet affect hair growth?

Absolutely. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals is essential for healthy hair growth. Foods like eggs, berries, nuts, fish, and leafy greens are excellent for hair health. They provide nutrients that bolster hair strength and growth.

How can I protect my hair from damage and breakage?

Protecting your hair involves minimizing heat styling, using a heat protectant spray, avoiding harsh chemical treatments, and using gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Regular hydration with natural oils or leave-in conditioners is also crucial.

What hairstyles are recommended for promoting hair growth?

Hairstyles that do not pull or tug on the roots are ideal. Loose buns, braids, and other low-tension styles prevent stress on the hair follicles. Avoid tight ponytails or braids that can cause hair breakage.

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