Best Non Toxic All Purpose Cleaner for the Home

Best Non Toxic All Purpose Cleaner for the Home

Discover the best non toxic all purpose cleaner sprays made with safe, plant-based ingredients, including store-bought cleaning sprays from trusted brands and a homemade cleaning spray that you can make yourself.

Non Toxic All Purpose CleanersNon Toxic All Purpose Cleaners

Take a look under my kitchen sink and you’ll find a jumble of bottles and jars with colorful graphics, along with a bunch of random sponges and reusable cleaning cloths – just like most people.

But unlike most people, instead of conventional cleaning products, I’ve filled mine with eco-friendly cleaning brands made with safe, non-toxic ingredients.

Switching out my cleaning products was one of first steps I took to detox my home by switching to natural, non-toxic products many years ago, but believe me, it did not happen overnight. It’s been a process, and sometimes a challenge to find safe cleaning products that work well and are not simply greenwashing disguised as natural. 

Today we’re talking about the most basic of cleaning products – but probably the one you use most often: the all-purpose cleaning spray. Over the years, I’ve had many different all-purpose cleaners under my sink, but only a handful that make it back time after time. Find out which ones made the cut (+ a few that didn’t ) and why below!

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