My Loveseat Review — The Honest Consumer

My Loveseat Review — The Honest Consumer

As Outer values circular design their entire outdoor sofa sets are recyclable at the end of their use. The frame is made of aluminum, foams can be easily shred and repurposed as carpet padding and every plastic used falls into international recycling codes 2, 4, and 5.

To further their sustainability efforts Outer is certified Carbon Neutral and part of 1% for the Planet.

On top of their sustainability initiatives, Outer also believes in altruistic partnerships from the farmers, craftspeople, and manufacturers they work with, this brand holds themselves to high ethical standards to ensure the people behind Outer receive a fair wage, health care, and a safe working environment.

Let’s dive into their my sustainable outdoor loveseat review!

Outer Furniture Review- Outdoor Loveseat

I was recently gifted a loveseat and am excited to share my thoughts! I’ve been enjoying my loveseat for two months now and have been really impressed.

I’ve been using it to relax in our backyard and have the occasional sunny Seattle work day outside! We’ve also hosted a few people in our backyard so it’s been great to have for that.

The Aluminum Loveseat

I received the Charcoal Aluminum Outdoor Loveseat with the Palisades Cream cushions.

While cream may seem like a bold choice for outdoor furniture, we had a few other chairs on our patio that we wanted our new loveseat to match.

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