The 12 Best Aromatherapy Candles for Anxiety & Stress Relief

The 12 Best Aromatherapy Candles for Anxiety & Stress Relief

The Vanilla Sandalwood candle features scents of vanilla, amyris, sandalwood, and amber, in addition to a few other scents.

I also really love the Palo Santo candle. This candle features notes of citrus, palo santo, sandalwood, and amber, along with a few others.

Each of these unique scents are great to upgrade your relaxation routine.

They are made with a natural coconut and natural soy wax blend with wooden wicks. You’ll find the candle packaged in a recycled glass vessel.

With over 60 hours of burn time, you’ll have plenty of relaxation time to schedule into your daily routine. 

Hummingbird Candle Co. is a Black woman owned candle company located in North Carolina, where they have grown into three locations.

Since 2019 this small business has been creating all different types of candles. They started in North Carolina, but you can find their products all over the United States.

Hummingbird Candle Co. candles are created in-house by women in their community that were in need of assistance.

The company also helps make an impact around the world by donating to local and global organizations that support women.

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