What is Circular Fashion? The Future of Sustainable Style

What is Circular Fashion? The Future of Sustainable Style

The purpose of circular fashion is to minimize waste in production but to also promote the idea of buying less. Because at the core, buying less = less materials in landfills. 

How is the circular fashion economy different from linear fashion?

Right now, the fashion industry is linear which means you buy a shirt and when you get tired of it, it ends up in the trash…or donated which also usually heads to the landfill.

Circular fashion is all about making, well, a circle with your purchases and avoiding the need to create new materials, new garments, but instead using what is already circulating out there.

Example of Circular Fashion

To further our understanding of circular fashion let’s look at a real life example.

Since 2019, Ministry of Supply has been making their Aero Zeroº dress shirts from upcycled PET water bottles and milling their fabric under renewable solar power, reducing carbon emissions by over 50%.

The emissions that this brand is not able to eliminate are offset, creating a 100% recycled, carbon-neutral dress shirt.

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