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Sustainably Kind Living Honest Sustainable Living

Sustainably Kind Living
is a refreshing take on what real life looks like in a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable fashion is just one of the areas of discussion on Sustainably Kind Living.

You’ll also get tips and resources on how to be a sustainable family and explore zero waste living. The creator of the site, Danielle Alvarado, wants her site to be a place for education and inspiration for all things sustainable living.

I specifically love Dani’s hilariously honest Reels on her instagram page.

Sustainably Chic Fashion Can Exist Responsibly

In the summer of 2014 Natalie decided to created
Sustainably Chic
to share her thoughts and findings about sustainable fashion. Fast forward to today, sustainable fashion is still a big part of the blog, but her blog includes other topics like gift guides, green beauty, and more.

With her motto that sustainable fashion can exist responsibly Natalie explores the fashion supply chain , environmental impact of consumer fashion choices, and provides tips on how to build a sustainable wardrobe.

I think that Natalie described what it means to have sustainable fashion in a perfect way, “it should be eco-friendly, ethically-made, lasting, and accessible.”

I’ve been following Natalie since I first started The Honest Consumer and have loved learning from her.

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