The Best Organic Essential Oil Brands — The Honest Consumer

Known for their transparency, organic practices, quality and sustainably grown goodies, Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils are just another great gem from their catalog.

To show their commitment to their people and planet, you’ll find an array of certifications on their website including USDA Organic, Zero Waste, Non-GMO project, and Fair for Life just to name a few.

They have every essential oil you can think of in their lineup which features over 135 single essential oils (yes, you read that right)!

For beginners, they offer a versatile collection of kits with popular oils used in aromatherapy accompanied by fantastic blending ideas and dilution tips.

Their organic essential oil collection includes black pepper oil, basil oil, rosemary oil, bergamot oil, dill oil, hemp oil, and many more ranging from $5-$2000 depending on oil and size. I also appreciate how each oil has an in depth page explaining safety, blending, and origin.

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