What It Means & How to Do It — The Honest Consumer

What It Means & How to Do It — The Honest Consumer

Oxygen and Water

This comes as no surprise – just as us humans need oxygen and water to function, so does your compost! Think of the tiny decomposers again. Those microorganisms need oxygen and water to not only survive, but make your compost thrive by working more efficiently.

If you want your compost to actively break down faster, consider adding an aeration system or turning the pile every so often to incorporate that oxygen.

You want the moisture of your compost to be damp and that may happen without additional efforts due to the types of compost items you add, but you’re welcome to supplement with additional water as needed.

Do I have to do the entire composting process at home?

No, actually there are plenty of services that do the tricky parts for you! All you have to do is save your food scraps. 

How to Compost at Home

There are multiple ways to compost at home! Depending on where you live, the amount of time you have, and access to resources here are a few ideas on how to get started.

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Save Your Food Scraps & Drop Them to Be Composted Locally

One of the easiest ways to start composting is to purchase a compost bin & start saving your food scraps. You can even freeze your food scraps to prevent them from smelling.

I personally use the Full Circle Fresh Air Compost Bin and have been incredibly pleased with it! It can be purchased for around $30 making this an affordable step towards composting.

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